How does Payroll Software help me manage payroll for the Rural sector?

Payroll must be easy to use and enable employers to pay staff correctly and meet employer obligations under the minimum wage requirements, thus avoiding any potential conflicts with staff or penalties with MBIE and IRD.

Our payroll has the tools to calculate relevant pays for the Rural sector or for notional salary or wages paid to staff who work additional hours and inadvertently get paid less than the legal minimum wage for the hours they have actually worked in a period.

By having a top-up tool enabling employers to easily top up a person's normal pay to a minimum wage amount, calculated on the hours they have actually worked ensures compliance with the appropriate legislation.

Our payroll software allows you to easily enter the actual hours worked, calculate them correctly to ensure the minimum wage requirements are being met.

This makes it so much easier than traditional desk top software or manual wage book systems that are not specifically designed to make payroll easier for farmers.

It is a seamless process to change payrolls and keep up to date with the legislation using the latest technology.

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I absolutely love it! We had a manual system and I had never done payroll but it’s great, iPayroll look after all the PAYE and deal with the IRD on our behalf and when I ring in they have fantastic help.

Jo Tolhopf
Forrest Owner Marketing Services, New Plymouth

Is a Payroll Software More Cost-Effective and Secure?

Payroll can be complicated to calculate, especially as companies grow. In the case of wrong calculations resulting in overpayments or underpayments or even missing a payment employees can quickly become disenchanted resulting in lost productivity and frustration. From the employer perspective incorrect, or late payments to IRD may result in expensive late penalty charges.

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