Basic knowledge, features and options


Can your system be used with biometric time clocks?

Yes, iPayroll works closely with a wide range of time, attendance, and rostering interface applications. View the complete list here.


How do my employees record their time?

Employees can record their time worked in our electronic timesheets (Timelogs). iPayroll can also accommodate paper timesheets which you would input directly.


Can iPayroll work with differing work patterns?

Yes, defined work patterns are used in iPayroll to specify what hours and days an employee works. When requesting leave and the defined work pattern has been set the system will determine whether the day is normally worked and will default to the normal hours worked in that day. A work pattern can be a set shift for a week or rotating shift patterns. For example, week 1 working Monday, Wednesday and Friday and week 2 working Tuesday and Thursday.



Does iPayroll manage parental leave?

Yes, simply record the official start and finish dates and iPayroll will manage the process.


How do I know how much leave my employees are entitled to take?

Administering leave is quick and easy. You specify an employee’s entitlement when you set them up in iPayroll. When leave is recorded, the system automatically processes and updates their balances. Our flexible system can cater to different and complex requirements. You’ll be able to manage your employees’ leave balances with our wide range of leave reports.


Can iPayroll manage ACC leave?

Yes. iPayroll will calculate 80% of your employee's pay for the first week. Employees can check their ACC leave if you turn it on in the Employee Kiosk.


How can employees see their leave balances?

Employees can securely log in to their Employee Kiosk to check their leave balance. They can also view their current and historical payslips, leave taken and apply for leave.



Who do I contact if I want to give feedback on the mobile app?

Email us at with your feedback.


How do I find the iPayroll Employee Kiosk app?

You can download the Employee Kiosk app from:

AppStore v2GooglePlay v2


Where do I find my payslip?

You can view your payslip via your Employee Kiosk. Click here to log into your Employee Kiosk.


My employer hasn’t given me a login to get my payslip. What do I do?

Please ask your employer or payroll department for a copy of your recent payslip and follow the log-in instructions on it. Unfortunately, our Support Team cannot deal directly with employees.


What if I have a question about my payslip?

Please contact your employer or payroll department. Unfortunately, our Support Team cannot deal directly with employees.


I previously worked for a company that used iPayroll. Can I still see my old pay information on your system?

Simply log in to your Employee Kiosk using your old details.


How do I reset 2FA for my Employee Kiosk login?

Please contact your employer or payroll department to disable 2FA on your behalf and you can then reset it yourself. Our Support Team cannot communicate directly with employees.



How secure is iPayroll?

You can have every confidence in iPayroll’s integrity, security, and privacy. Our multiple server locations are monitored 24/7 and our system is equipped with full disaster recovery capabilities. For more information, see our Security page.


Are there different User Role access levels depending on a user’s role in the payroll process?

Yes, there are multiple levels of secure user access that can be set up. The 'Paymaster' is the main user and will have full oversight of the organisation's account in iPayroll. 'Enquiry Only' user can view all payroll information but cannot make changes. 'Data Entry' user can enter information only. 'Leave Approver' user can review and process pending leave requests for their team. 'Timelog' user can view and approve employees submitted Timelog entries.


Does iPayroll use two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Yes. 2FA is mandatory for iPayroll users and is automatically enabled for new customers.


How does iPayroll protect my business’s confidential information including employee details?

iPayroll is proudly ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified which means we meet internationally recognised standards for protecting the confidential information we hold. Click here to find out more about what being ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified means.


How do I download a copy of iPayroll’s ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate?

Click here for copy of our certificate.


As the paymaster or payroll administrator how do I reset 2FA for my dashboard login?

If you are the main user (without initials after your username) you will need to contact our Helpdesk Support Team who will assist you in resetting your 2FA. For all other users, contact the main user in your organisation who can disable your 2FA to allow you to reset it. Please visit our Online Help page for more information on resetting 2FA.



How do I know I am paying the minimum wage?

You can check minimum wages on the Employment New Zealand Website. For your peace of mind, iPayroll automatically alerts you if wages fall below the minimum level. Also, if you select ’Enable the Top Up Allowance Upload tool’ during set-up, iPayroll will automatically handle this process. This tool is ideal for the rural sector and salaried staff who work additional hours, because it ensures employers do not accidentally pay less than the legal minimum wage for the hours worked in a period.


Does your payroll system handle piece-work calculations?

Yes, iPayroll recognises that some people are paid based on the number of items produced rather than an hourly wage.


Can I use Kitomba with iPayroll?

Yes, Kitomba is one of our interface partners. We have many clients in the hair and beauty industry using both systems to make paying their staff quick and easy.


What systems integrate with iPayroll?

iPayroll integrates with many systems across different industries. View all our integrations here.


Can I easily migrate from SmartPayroll to iPayroll?

Absolutely. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Implementation Team will set up your employees’ information from any other payroll system into iPayroll. Our friendly Support Team will also provide full training, plus ongoing support.


Can I easily migrate from MYOB to iPayroll?

Definitely. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Implementation Team will set up your employees’ information from any other payroll system into iPayroll. Our friendly Support Team will also provide full training, plus ongoing support.


Does iPayroll integrate with Xero?

Yes, in 2006, iPayroll became Xero's first integration partner. Our enhanced services include generating accounts payable invoices called Bills in Xero that contain your Xero accounts and your Xero tracking categories (if used). For more information on our seamless Xero integration please click here.


Do you charge bank fees?

Our bank fees are $0.35 per transaction.


Can I use iPayroll to pay staff working in Australia?

No, however CloudPayroll is an Australian Subsidiary of iPayroll operating in the Australian market. For more information about CloudPayroll visit their website.


Can I export my data from IMS to iPayroll?

Yes, you can. Our highly trained and knowledgeable Implementation Team will set up your employees’ information from any other payroll system into iPayroll. Our expert, friendly Support Team will also provide full training, plus free ongoing support.


Getting started

Does iPayroll have an enterprise model?

iPayroll can be scaled for enterprises, large companies, and multiple organisations, with additional reporting, custom fields, and user access. Contact about your needs and pricing.


Do you manage my PAYE and payday filing?

We can manage your PAYE, withholding tax (WT), KiwiSaver and payday filing. We can also file your employer deductions (IR345). It’s easy to stay compliant with iPayroll.


How do I get started with iPayroll?

Getting started is easy. Either fill in this form to request a callback or email Then we can get things under way for you.


Can iPayroll handle more than one pay cycle?

iPayroll is very flexible. Our payroll solution caters for multiple pay cycles, including weekly, fortnightly, bi- monthly, 4 weekly, monthly and multiples of these cycles.


What ongoing help or support do iPayroll provide?

Customers enjoy an easy set-up process with thorough training from our Implementation Team. Our friendly and knowledgeable Support Team provide free ongoing support via phone and email and are there to help with any queries, so you can manage your payroll confidently. And we constantly review and update our software to ensure we incorporate any changes to legislation, statutory holidays, or other issues.


What size business is iPayroll suitable for?

iPayroll's payroll solution suits all businesses, from one employee to several hundred. It is widely used by many industries, groups, and franchises.


Is iPayroll payday filing compliant?

Yes, our payday filing solution has a proven track record with Inland Revenue.


Human resources and document management

What HR features does iPayroll offer?

You can set up a variety of HR reports and custom fields, such as training, performance reviews, certificates, and licence expiries.


Can I store employee records in iPayroll?

You can securely and conveniently upload, store and access employee HR documents. For example, you could store employment agreements, qualification details, sick certificates etc. within an employee's file, all at no extra cost.


What reports does iPayroll automatically generate after a payrun?

Our comprehensive report suite provides you with 50+ reports including financial, HR, leave, tax, history, and payroll reports. You can choose between viewing reports online or downloading them in a choice of formats.


Casual employees and contractors

How does iPayroll accommodate contractors?

iPayroll allows you to set up GST-registered, non GST-registered, and withholding (WH) tax contractors easily. You can choose whether to generate a remittance advice or payslip.


Can iPayroll manage employees on variable hours?

Yes, our payroll solution easily manages employees on variable hours.


Can iPayroll manage casual employees?

Yes, our payroll solution easily manages casual employees.



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