iPayroll is payday filing compliant

We have already transitioned most of our existing customers to payday filing. With iPayroll payday filing you are able to comply with the new requirements effortlessly.

iPayroll is a PAYE Intermediary

iPayroll is New Zealand’s largest independent PAYE Intermediary (PI) processing over $4 billion worth of gross payrolls per annum. We offer a cloud-based payroll solution that looks after all aspects of your payroll needs, including payday filing submissions and tax payments to Inland Revenue (IR).

Under New Zealand legislation a PI acts on behalf of an employer to fulfil the employer’s PAYE obligations relating to the filing and payment of tax to IR by the relevant due dates.

For our PI customers, we can also deal directly with IR to resolve any issues which may arise.

iPayroll is a PAYE Intermediary

Payday filing is compulsory from 1st April 2019. What do I need to do in my business?

What's payday filing?

Payday filing changes the way employers are required to file their employment information to Inland Revenue. Currently every employer must file an IR348 Employer Monthly Schedule once a month.

Under payday filing employers will instead file an Employment Information schedule for each payroll they process within two working days of the payday.

How iPayroll payday filing works?

When using iPayroll your payday filing obligations are seamlessly taken care of when your payroll is processed. The Employment Information schedule is submitted to IR via our direct link with IR’s system.

There is no need to log into myIR to upload your Employment Information schedules by the required deadline, thereby removing this administrative hassle.

When can I start using payday filing in iPayroll?

Our payday filing solution has a proven track record with IR. We have already transitioned most of our existing customers to payday filing, well ahead of the April deadline.

For our customers who manage their own tax payments to IR, iPayroll will also submit your Employment Information directly to IR when your payroll is processed.

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