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Most common questions

Can iPayroll manage casual employees?

Yes, iPayroll easily manages casual employees.

What ongoing help or support do I get?

Enjoy an easy set-up process with thorough training. We follow this up with free ongoing support via phone and email. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team will be there to help with any queries, so you can manage your payroll confidently. And we constantly review and update our software to ensure we incorporate any changes to legislation, statutory holidays, or other issues.

What other systems integrate with iPayroll?

iPayroll is used with many systems in different industries. View all our integrations here.

How do I find the iPayroll Kiosk app?

You can download the Employee Kiosk app from:

AppStore v2GooglePlay v2

How do I get started with iPayroll?

Getting started is easy. Either fill in this form to request a callback or email Then we can get things under way for you.

Does iPayroll interface with Xero?

Yes, in 2006, iPayroll became the very first integration partner with Xero. Our enhanced services include generating accounts payable invoices called Bills in Xero that contain your Xero accounts and your Xero tracking categories (if used). For more information on our seamless Xero integration please click here.

Is iPayroll payday filing compliant?

Yes, our payday filing solution has a proven track record with IR. All of our customers were transitioned to payday filing on or before1st March 2019 well ahead of the April 2019 deadline.

Does iPayroll use two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Yes. 2FA is mandatory for iPayroll users and is automatically enabled for new customers.

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